SIPA 2024



SIPA 2024

This 9th edition of the International Fishing and Aquaculture Exhibition, like other successful editions, has been a bulwark and an unmissable event for fishing and aquaculture professionals, since its first edition in 2003, the show took on an international dimension, with more than 25 countries having participated in the previous edition (2019), because it has become a real lever for the development of fishing and aquaculture and highlights the strategy of the sector, the economic importance of productive investments and thepractical value of inter-professional exchanges.
In thisway, SIPA’2024 constitutes

exchange space

A space for debate, consultation and exchange

new developments

An opportunity to learn about new developments in the fishing and aquaculture sectors


It also contributes to the emergence of investment opportunities and the maturation of projects

objective of

the exhibition

Objective 1

Enhancelearning and access to leading-edge technologies. in the field of fishing and aquaculture

Objective 2

Encourage cooperation and partnerships to diversifyfishing and aquaculture activities

Objective 3

Promotion of the concept of blue economy and its role in the national economy

Objective 4

Strengthen consultative and participatory work between the different actors in order to preserve and protect marine resources and develop sustainable aquaculture

Development of fishing and aquaculture activities
in Algeria

In Algeria, like the Mediterranean countries, fisheries and aquaculture are expected to play an increasingly important role. They are a major issue for the coming years. In recent years, this sector of activity, which is to be promoted, has experienced real momentum and significant development within the framework of the development policy adopted by the Government, which is geared towards the diversification of the national economy. With 9.5 million hectares of exploited and exploitable fishing and aquaculture areas and 1600 km of coastline that is home to more than 14 million inhabitants, more than 40% of the national population, Algeria has opportunities to develop for sustainable and integrated development. With a view to the sustainable development of fisheries and aquaculture, a major project has been launched in recent years, involving all stakeholders in the development of the sector. To this end, human, financial and material resources have been mobilized to establish this dynamic. The challenges and expected objectives stem from a realistic approach that draws on the results of a consultative approach. Contributing to a productive economy, creating employment and contributing to food security are the priority objectives of the Strategic Plan for the Development of Fisheries and Aquaculture. In this context, the economic support of productive investment in the fisheries and aquaculture sectors, through the implementation of development plans and programs, has made it possible to implement many projects, particularly in the field of aquaculture. Development efforts.

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