SIPA 2024


SIPA 2024

This 9th edition of the International Fishing and Aquaculture Exhibition, like other successful editions, has been a bulwark and an unmissable event for fishing and aquaculture professionals, since its first edition in 2003, the show took on an international dimension.

the aim of the exhibition is to demonstrate the capacities of the fisheries and aquaculture sector

the aim of the exhibition is to demonstrate the capacities of the fisheries and aquaculture sector

The sectors present

  • Equipment and services for fish farming: installations and systems for marine and continental aquaculture, accessories for aquaculture, floating cages, geomembranes, ponds, etc.
  • Equipment and accessories for professional fishing: fishing tackle, net manufacturing, fishing equipment,
  • Fishing vessel and shipbuilding: fishing gear, equipment and ship construction, port equipment, etc.
  • Food and nutrition for fish: algae, animal meals, vegetable meals, etc.
  • Genetics and reproduction: production of fry..
  • Fish hygiene and health
  • Fishery production (marine cultures and marketing of seafood): production of algae, production of cultured corals, production of cultured pearls, production of sea fish, etc.
  • Processing of fishery products: eviscerators, headers, filleters, bone removal machines, equipment for packaging and conservation, etc.
  • Boats and recreational equipment
  • Sale of fishing and scuba diving equipment.
  • Marine and continental farm.
  • Fishing and Aquaculture Industry.
  • Design office.
  • Agri-food and processing.
  • Shipyards and mechanics of fishing boats.


exchange space

A space for debate, consultation and exchange

new developments

An opportunity to learn about new developments in the fishing and aquaculture sectors


It also contributes to the emergence of investment opportunities and the maturation of projects

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